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Rewards Monthly Volume
New Dual-Tiered System
Rewards Long-term Loyalty
Per Month - Reset at the beginning of each month
15 sales = 5 % bonus added to base % rate
Reach 100 life-time sales = base payout rate rises to 52 %
30 sales = 8 % bonus
500 life-time sales = 54 %
60 sales = 10 % bonus
1000 life-time sales = 56 %
120 sales = 12 % bonus
2000 life-time sales = 58 %
300 sales = 15 % bonus
5000 life-time sales = 60 %
Bonus applies to all sales in month when reached
Reach a level and stay there, we want long-term partners
  • We split 50/50 ( to start ) with our partners on initial signups and all renewals
  • Earn 10% of the NET GROSS earned by any webmaster signed up by you
  • Cookies tracked for an amazing 90 DAYS. So send us a surfer and even if they only bookmark the site and come back 3 months later and join then, YOU still get the sale! Other sites clear their cookies after 24 to 72 hours, meaning more money for them and less for you
  • The average membership is worth a net $39.45 to each of us at the 50/50 base rate, however with montly and long-term bonuses your share of the net will rise
  • Our memberships tend to be 85% recurring and 15% non-recurring
  • Recurring memberships start at $29.95 per month
  • Recurring members average 3.1 rebills within a year tracking period
  • Telephone billing and checking account signups included
  • Non-recurring members average renewing their memberships once within a year tracking period and the affiliate gets credit for the second signup too
  • Using our new formula, if you sent blacknwhite.com 10 members a month, in 10 months you would have made 100 sales and earned $3,945. You would also have qualified for the new base % rate of 52%. Then the average sign-up would be worth $40.24 to you
  • Got big traffic? Send blacknwhite.com 10 members a day and in 365 days you will be at Tier-5 making 75% of each sale which is $66.15 for a total of $241,447 for the year.
  • Refer a webmaster like the one above that can send us 10 members a day and in one year you earn $24,147 without lifting a finger further
  • 2257 compliant promotional materials make it simple and easy for you to make money with us
  • Email receipt option, know when you have sent us a signup
  • Your money is assured. We don’t cut the checks CCBill LLC does. So you are guaranteed to get paid for the signups you earn for us. Its Win - Win!
  • Checks mailed weekly for $25 or more. If you don’t earn $25 in a week, the amount is held over for you until it does reach that amount, and then its mailed. Signups are never lost because you didn’t reach the minimum like at some sites.
  • Banner farm full of banners that PULL! Or use your own methods to send traffic. We are flexible.
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