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Interview with porn star Noname Jane

(formerly known as Violet Blue)

Background information on Ada Mae Johnson, aka Violet Blue, aka Noname Jane

Question: Your battle with the other Violet Blue is well documented in many other interviews, so we won't rehash it too much here.  However, since I recently came across porn stars going by the names Darryl Hanah, and Sindy Crawford, I do want to say I think you got the standard raw deal the legal system dishes out to those unable or unwilling to pay to play.    Besides No Name Jane, what other alternative names did you consider?   Also, for the record, when I first saw you, I thought your name was so cute and clever, I couldn't believe it hadn't already been taken. 

Noname Jane: I didn’t consider any other names.  Noname Jane was the first one I came up with.

Question: When did you retire from the adult movie business, and why?

Noname Jane: I never did retire.  I’ve been working up in Washington since I left California.

Question:  In a recent blog post, you are pictured sucking on a glass dildo with a devilish grin.  On a scale of 1 to 10, how evil are you, or how evil can you be?   

Noname Jane: I’m not too evil.  I’d say I could be about an 8 if I tried really hard.

Question: I see you are selling over 20 sex toys on your site.  Just how many sex toys do you have?

Noname Jane: About a hundred!

Question: What is your favorite toy and why?

Noname Jane: My favorite right now is my G spot vibrator.  Its easy to use while your having sex.

Question: So you are a witch, right?  Have you ever put a curse on anyone?  What about that "Violet Blue" bitch,  I've seen pictures of her, it sure looks like someone cursed her.  Did you make her clit swell up? Her nipples fall off?  Shrink her dick down an inch or two? 

Noname Jane: Yep, card carrying witch.  Never put a curse on anyone but I did make someone leave my house and stay away from me for a year and a day.  Believe me, I thought about working some craft against Blogger Blue.  But I figured the universe will take care of that.


Question: My staff was looking through your old work, and came across something you did called "Running Naked in the Streets".   This video was shot on a street.  It has a lot of talking, a lot of naked, and some walking and skipping, but not much real running.   Did you enjoy that shoot? 

Noname Jane: That shoot was kind of scary.  I kept waiting for the cops to show up and arrest me.


Question: During the Running Naked shoot, you mention you are 25.  You look about 21 then, how old were you when you started in the adult entertainment industry? 

Noname Jane: I was 23 when I did my first film.

Question: You mention you don't like dogs in that shoot.  More of a cat person are you?  You wouldn't happen to have a black cat? 

Noname Jane: LOL I’ve had many black cats over the years.  The last one I had, Shadow, was a polydactyl and had 7 toes on each front foot and 6 in the back!  Pompashiva was my favorite black cat.  She was one of the infamous Raven’s Flight kittens, and completely evil.  She disappeared a couple years ago.


Question: What was your first gig in the adult business?

Noname Jane: Oh god I just drew a blank lol.  Real Sex Magazine # 31 I think.  I did it the day before I did Ed Powers.


Question: How did you get started...did someone suggest it?  Did you see an ad online or in a paper?  How old were you? 

Noname Jane: I was discovered by a manager/agent named Roy Garcia while I was stripping in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Million Dollar Saloon.  It was the day before my birthday.  I left for California on my birthday.  I was 23.  It was the same trip that he found Belladonna. 


Question: You had blond hair for a while, how long were you a blond?  And, did you have more fun? 

Noname Jane: I started out with short black hair.  At Roy’s suggestion, I slowly started to make my hair lighter over the course of the next year.  I was blond by 2001.  In 2003 I dyed my hair back to brown.  Being blond was a pain in the ass.  I had to get my hair done every 3 weeks, and because I’m naturally very pale, I had to tan all the time to keep my skin tone darker than my hair.

Question: You worked with Spring Thomas once. That scene starts off with you and Spring doing some hot girl-on-girl stuff, then moves to an interracial pool room scene; was this your first interracial scene, or your very first porn scene? I'm curious because you seem to have real trouble taking the black cock, he couldn't go very deep, and you wouldn't let him pound you very hard.   I'm guessing this was early in your career, because later for Blacksonblondes you did a four-way with three black guys with big dicks, and you took them in all holes like a champ. 

Noname Jane: I had short black hair when I did my first interracial scene.  It was with Byron Long and it was for West Coast Productions.  It was the 4th scene I did.  The scene with Ms. Thomas was way later.  I think it was filmed in 2004.  The reason why I had problems was because I was sore from working so much.  It happens all the time in the industry.  BlacksonBlonds was filmed before that. 

Question: The scene ends with the guy cumming on a plate which neither of you seemed to want to lick up.  You said you would "vomit" twice, and by the way you winced and looked way, it looks like you almost did.  What was up with this ending?  Whose idea was it?  Was this scripted acting, or did they "spring" that on you girls, pardon the pun? 

Noname Jane: It was scripted by the director. Editor Comment - Fire that fucking director!

Question: I also like your work in a Brothalovers scene with a huge black guy who goes by the handle of Mr. Big.   Remember him, very dark skin color, 12 inch cock, uncircumcised, thick as your arm?   

Noname Jane: Yep, he’s a great guy.

Question: Brothalovers is produced by a woman, Jennifer did that all come about? I think it is some of your best work.

Noname Jane: They shot me in Texas.  I’ve done 4 or 5 shoots for them.  Honestly though, I could be talking about a different company.  I get Blacksonblonds mixed up with brothalovers and a few others that I’ve worked for.

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Question: At the end, Mr. Big is stroking you deep, well, it looks like your taking about half of his cock, but that you could take no more, when you initiate a kiss with him, which makes him dump his seed in you, for the traditional Brothalovers ending...a cream pie.   I'd swear you were cumming right then, were you? 

Noname Jane: Ok, yep it was defiantly the Texas shoot.  I might have been.  I don’t remember. Editor Comment - Rats! Damn porn stars. You do so many shoots, you can't remember any of them.

Question: How often would you cum when working with men?  With women? 

Noname Jane: I’d say 80% with men, 95% with woman.  Its not about whether its men or woman though.  It's because sometimes porn sex can be rough, and they don’t always give you enough time to cum. 

Question: Did you ever squirt on camera? 

Noname Jane: Nope.  I’ve peed though.

Question: I remember another hot scene I saw you in, and this one had a bit of a plot.  You were playing a rights attorney who gets inseminated by her black clients in a semi-rape scenario.  Any comments on that scene? 

Noname Jane: LOL I love working for Kick Ass.  Mark always comes up with great plots.  It was hard to do that rape scene because I was enjoying myself so much and I had to act like I wasn’t really enjoying it. 

Question: Did you have a higher rate for doing interracial action back in the day? 

Noname Jane: Nope.

Question: What was/is your least favorite aspect of working in the adult movie business? 

Noname Jane: Not being able to find work.  I miss having an agent to yell at about it.

Question: What was/is your most favorite aspect? 

Noname Jane: Everything!

Question: Okay, lets get the matches out and burn some bridges, shall we?  So you've practically quit the biz...Was there a guy or girl you hated working with? 

Noname Jane: Hated, no.  I never hated working with anyone.

Question: Who was your favorite guy to work with? 

Noname Jane: Steve Taylor, Dave Hardman, Chris Cannon, Sasha, Silvio, Sean Michaels and Jack Napier were my favorites.  They were all professional, fun and good lays.

Question: Was there a guy you wanted to work with, but for some reason never got the chance?  

Noname Jane: That Nacho guy.  I heard so many insane things about him, but never got to work with him. 

Question: Would you tell us a "worst experience ever" working in the business story?

Noname Jane: There was a DP scene that I did with two guys in a kitchen in a castle with no air conditioning in the middle of summer.  It was brutal.  I think it was for Haven’s Magic Touch or something like that.  The scene took a very long time, hours and hours because it was so hot and the guys were having problems performing because of the heat.  The scene turned out great though.  Thank you editors!


Question: Would you tell us a "funniest experience ever"?    

Noname Jane: I was doing a magazine shoot for Earl Miller with two guys.  The guys kept looking at each other.  Earl was like “Hey you guys, look at the girl who’s sucking you off!” It was too funny.  It was especially funny because I had worked with both of them before and had great shoots.  I knew one of them was bi, but didn’t know the other one was.  

Another one.  I went to Howard Stern with Carman Luvana for Adam & Eve.  When I got my ticket I thought it said 1a.  So I sat in 1a, which was the first class section.  When Carman got on the plane and realized she was sitting in coach and I was sitting in first class she was so mad at Adam & Eve.  It wasn’t till we were changing flights to NYC that I realized that I had been sitting in the wrong seat.  I was 11a, but the way it was printed, well looked like 1a to me!


Question: Lastly, tell us a fantasy of yours so can turn it into art.

Noname Jane: My boyfriend has a fantasy of seeing me with Katy Perry.

Katy Perry fucked by a huge black strap on dildo

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