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White Wimp Cuckold Husband Story

As the Cuckold Turns

"Jason! Jason Bitterman?" I asked after starring at the barroom mirror for ten

I suppose it was inevitable for my friend Jason Bitterman, growing up under his
single mother Delores' care and rigorous discipline, so strict that the woman eventually
turned him into a pussy where women were concerned. Not that Jason didn't learn to
defend himself, he's holds a black belt in Karate, but that he seemed to enjoy being used
and abused by the fairer sex. Standing no taller than most woman of moderate height, and
never really out weighing them, I suppose it was only natural for him to be intimidated by
their regal, self-assured mannerisms by the time he graduated from Stubenvill High, and
married his high school sweetie Rebecca Beach.
I knew Rebecca somewhat, or at least her body, as I had been in many a locker
room gang bang as a football jock with her identical twin sister Roberta the class Home
Coming Queen bitch in heat of the century. Of course it was well known by everyone in
school that, unlike her popular twin known to one and all as Bobby, Rebecca was a prim
and proper type, four eyed egghead who was well on the path to a scholastic scholarship
as a straight A Honors student. Of course since everyone in town was screwing her twin
nobody bothered to ask her for a date, until the day that Jason did, encouraged by his
mother of course having set it all up for the poor lonesome thing. Thing meaning Jason,
not the girl.
They were married while in their freshman year at Harvard, and I was invited to be his best man at the wedding as I was probably the only friend he'd had since kindergarten when we were called the salt and pepper shakers. He of course was considered a salt of the earth towhead back then, while I, it was whispered, was his pepper head, or perhaps it was even pecker headed, black buddy. For reasons that are obvious, the faculty shied just short of calling little black Sambo, even though my name really is Sam, short for Samuel. In fact my full name is Samuel W. Black to be precise, the W stands for Wantsomewhitepussy. An old joke, though effective none the less, but I digress, this is about Jason.
As I said, I knew very well the body that my friend would be in bed with during
their honeymoon. In stocking feet Bobby and Rebecca were as tall as Jason at five foot
five inches, and they like Jason himself, had long well muscled torsos, long delicate legs
with swollen thighs that squeezed into tight rounded buttocks, and hair the color of freshly melted gold, with faces that would bring angels to mind. The only real difference between Jason and his wife was hair location and that she had different plumbing, with breasts as firm as ripe cantaloupes that were capped coke bottle fashion the size of a pink half dollar coin. That is if they are as identical as Bobby has always led me to believe, and she hasn't lied to me yet.
Now, sitting next to what appeared to be the hottest looking bitch in the hotel's
Bar I remembered the last thing that I said to Jason standing next to him at the alter, while the wedding march was blowing through the pipe organ.
"Beware the quiet virgin Jason, she'll wrap you around her little finger if you let
her. Remember, she is an identical twin to the town tramp."
"What do you mean by that?" He'd asked, looking as nervous as a plucked virgin
"Just try not to find out," I whispered back as Rebecca at last stood next to him.

"Actually it's Jaime these days," the husky feminine voice said turning to look me
up and down like some hundred dollar hooker fishing for her first kill of the night.
Suddenly. The eyes behind the mascara opened wider. The sultry come hither
glance taken over by incredulity. It had been years, but he, or she perhaps, smiled with
genuine recognition with brightly red painted lips and rouge touched cheeks, and then
panicked embarrassment nearly shattered what sanity was left behind those blue eyes as
the person inside realized their own appearance.
"I guess you didn't listen to me after all," I said, smiling friendly enough to ease
that pain I saw, "what happened to you?"
"Buy me a drink, a double martini," Jaime said, then got up and went over to a
table towards the back of the room where it was much darker.
With drinks in hand I joined Jason/Jaime, still Bitterman at least, and clinking a
toast to old friendship first, listened to a bitter man's story of humiliation and total
"You remember," he started, "how we left from the reception hand in hand, two
dolls who had jumped off the wedding cake ready for reality, as we headed for our
honeymoon in the Caribbean. Her father had spared no expense for us as she was his
perfect princess, as you know, Bobby wasn't even invited to the wedding because she was
knocked up by her black boy toy. No offence."
"None taken certainly," I replied, "But continue, please."

The fresh air and sunshine paradise of the Caribbean was like an elixir to the
newlyweds as they romped playfully in the surf, the moment they arrived having changed
into swimsuits to get to really know each other before trying out sex in their bungalow.
Jason's boxer style trunks were at then the latest modest apparel for swimming, and while
Rebbaca's one piece suit was a might daring in places, cut high on the hips and low on her bosom it too was respectable. At least until she got it wet. Then the white material
became nearly translucent revealing her every charm. Many men on the beach had noticed the goddess walking hand in hand with Jason, observing them taking an umbrella covered table for their own before running to the lapping shore line and jumping right in. Those who hadn't, as if radar had been turned on, began looking in their direction as well.
Those pink half dollars puckered up ridged, poking through the transparent
material on those swollen breasts raised the blood pressure on that beach by several
points, and many a local marveled at the natural blond hair puffed out below at heaven's
junction through the simple white suit as well, dreaming of what could be if only.
None of this was wasted on Jason as he did everything in his power at first to keep the nymphet wet most of the afternoon. Already getting a vicarious thrill out of all the woodies stacking up on the beach from his bride's scandalous appearance, he fairly
flaunted her in front of all the men as she was his and only his, prized possession. It wasn't until he started to notice that his wife was starring back at some of the men, especially those in those snugly fitting French bikini trunks, that he figured it was time to leave the beach and get dressed for dinner. Too late he realized that she had also been comparing his equipment, which barely showed a bulge, and that of the men stretched out all around her, and taking particular interest in the local dreg locked help serving them drinks. Even smiling charmingly, openly at these tall, rough, black men's crotches, and watching their tight asses with interest as they departed.
"What are you doing?" Jason asked. "I hope your not comparison shopping now,
because we're married, remember?"
"Darling," Rebecca cooed, melting his heart, "why should you care what primes
the pump, as long as your the one who drinks?"
"Yes well, just the same, let's go get ready for diner shall we," Jason replied and
helped his wife stand bringing her into a heated embrace.
"What say we have room service bring us diner," she breathed hotly into his ear,
"I'm so hot right now baby that if you don't fuck me soon I may have to ask one of these
other gentleman to do it for you."
Of course they both laughed, but looking back at it later Jason could see her subtle
manipulation already at work, and even right then he was scared shitless that she just
might do something as crazy as her slutty twin sister, my last words echoing suddenly
through his brain. They both ran through the heated sand their own heat more than
protection enough from the crystalline grit.
They exploded into their bungalow perspiration flying, falling to the carpeted floor in a heap after just managing to close the door, two rug rats in heat. Jason had his hands and lips all over his bride as he peeled her out of her wet swim suit. Then standing up he pulled his own trunks down. He caught the look on her face before she could hide it with her put up poster smile. It crushed his ego more than all of the school bullies ever had, more than all the girls ridiculing him for daring to ask them on a date, and even more than the time his mother had dressed him up in his sister's clothes and made him sit on the porch for some forgotten punishment, that one look of pitiful disgust as his iron rod of five lean inches stood tall and ready to break in his bride, was the book that toppled the
precarious shelf. His once proud male flag pole became limp linguine in three seconds.
To her credit, or maybe more to her lust, Rebecca took things in hand and mouth
moving into an inverted position after a while to feed Jason her wet muff as she worked to get him hard once again, but never saying a word, just taking charge. Now even the most busted up ego will get hard with a mouth sucking like Rebecca's was, and the taste and smell of her tart virgin vagina didn't hurt either. In five minutes time Jason hopped between her silky smooth legs, squeezed his little white dick into his wife’s boiling hot, vice like grip, just barely managing to break Rebecca’s hymen before he ejaculated prematurely inside of her neatly trimmed fuck funnel. It had taken all of five minutes time, and Jason had consummated his marriage while at the same time estranging his wife forever by his lack of
staying power. She had not cum, of course, but she was swimming in his spent passion,
and she was pissed.
"You dirty bastard!" Rebecca screamed, "How could you do that and leave me
hanging like this?"
"You didn't get your rocks off?" He asked, in shock.
"How could I, two strokes after breaking my cherry your through?" She scolded
him. "Look at what you've done to me! I'm a fucking mess, and I haven't even been
properly fucked yet!"
"Wh..what do you want from me Becky?" He asked using her pet name, the only
person alive other than her father who had ever gotten away with that.
"Don't you dare call me Becky, you sissy fucking puck!" She yelled. "Your not
man enough," and she looked again in disgust at his shriveled weenie, "not by a third! But then even sissies have tongues, so get your mouth down there and clean me up!" When he didn't move right away she screamed louder, "NOW!"
Jason rushed to do her bidding literally crawling between her alabaster legs he
clamped his mouth on the pussy he had just filled with his scum. Admittedly, it had a
somewhat fishy smell to it, but the taste of their commingled lust was an explosion on his
tongue's taste buds, similar in many respects to caviar only without the crackers.
Rebecca's hands grabbed onto his head and held him in place, her thighs soon wrapped
around behind pulled him in tight.
"That's it wimp! Eat my pussy! To think I saved this body, kept my virginity, and for what? So that a scum sucking proxy faggot could have a minute or two harvesting the goodies, and then can't even ring the damn bell? That's it pussy wimp, gobble all that nasty white sperm right up! That's what you do best, isn't it?! My sister warned me! I should have listened to her! She said you were nothing but a girl in men's clothing, and she was right! Well, you got your minute of this marriage, you've more than had your chance motherfucker, but from now on nothing but your tongue, or a real man's long thick shaft gets in! You broke my cherry you son of a bitch! We've consummated this farce by any judges standards, but from this moment on we do things my way! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!"
Humiliated beyond comprehension, all Jason could do was nod his head in her
thighs clamped around him as he felt her orgasm pulse through her cunt, not from his
tongue, but from the power she held over what little man there was left.
As her thighs relaxed their grip on Jason there was a knock at the door.
"Room Service!" Called the strong male voice on the outside, "I have your diner
Rebecca started to dash for the bedroom at the sound of the knocking, but the
deep throated bass voice pulled her up short, and turning to Jason.
"Don't just stand there ass hole," she commanded, "Open the damn door!"
The busboy had to duck his head to get into the room, and once inside moved
straight to the dinner table setting everything to the hotel's specifications as he'd been
trained to. "That's how you get big tips," his employer had instructed him. It wasn't until
he finished setting the table and turned to seek his due reward that he became aware of the occupants and their lack of clothing. Both shocked and amused at the same time, he
nevertheless remembered another thing his employer had instructed him, "Don't ask, never assume, just do as the customer wants, and then run like hell.," but being polite he always asked one question.
"Will there be anything else?"
"You bet your ass there is," Rebecca said, and grabbed his elbow leading him to
the bedroom, "and you can bet that wonderful bulge in your pants that your about to
become the luckiest black man in the western world! What's your name?"
"Kim," he said pronouncing it Keem, and looking at the white man for some sign
of help, but only seeing the man's humiliated face turning bright red looking down at the
ground past a tiny limp white prick that he was trying to hide with his hands. Emboldened Kim to grab that hard white ass that had been swishing around on the beach all day crimping his dick in his tight shorts.
"Kim, my name is Rebecca," Jason's bride said, "but you can call me Becky."
"Ah, you be Becky da bitch in heat I think," Kim replied with more bravado, his
intent quite clear.
"For you baby, I'm anything you want me to be," Rebecca said as she stood next
to the foot of the bed and undressed Kim, "and you can do anything to me that you want,
or my husband for that matter."
They were laughing at him, at his little dick, at his inability to be a real man when it came to a woman's needs. Mortified beyond his comprehension, Jason none the less felt a stirring within himself that he hadn't felt before, as he looked into the bedroom and saw his Rebecca on her knees sucking the ten inch and growing cock of a black bell hop no less. A man who couldn't buy her anything like Jason could, and probably lived from
paycheck to paycheck in this third world country of his, yet who in Rebecca's words was
a real man just because of the size of his dick. Back at Harvard they had made jokes
about the size of those heathens cocks, and their staying powers, but this cruel joke was
on Jason, and for some reason, his dick was again as hard as Stone Hedge sticking out
pathetically in front of him as he watched the black servant lift his wife and lay her spread-eagled on their wedding bed.
Not bothering to put on a rubber the black man moved in between Rebecca's
creamy white thighs, their color in stark contrast to each other as Kim aimed his dick at
the white man's treasured gates.
"You mow this down later," Kim said referring to her lush blond bush, "then I take you to get tattooed pussy. Let everyone know you be for Nigger meat only."
"Oh baby," Rebecca purred, "anything you want honey, just give me the beef."
Jason watched, fascinated, as they kissed first, then as they swapped spit Kim's
uncircumcised prick rubbed up against Rebecca's thin lipoid slit, parted the wet lower lips
as night tunneled into day. Jason hadn't realized it but he had moved into the bedroom
right behind Kim getting a clear unobstructed view of his wife's hole opening up around
the breadth of that thick monster cock as it pushed its way into her, irresistible force
meeting immovable object. The immovable object was soon battered into a raw well
stretched fully packed hole as Kim after getting three inches inside of Rebecca pulled out
and inch before thrusting in two more inches then he did it again, and again until Jason's
wife had close to a foot of cock buried in her to her cervix for sure.
Once ensconced in Rebecca's pussy Kim held her tight to him feeling her full ripe
flesh against his, letting her cunt get used to having such a large appendage inside of it.
He held still until her bottom wagged for him, and then pulled half way out then back in
again, half way out then all the way in, over and over again. When his pubic bone touched
hers he ground his hips in a circle as if stirring her pot wider open. Her legs crossing over
behind Kim as if to hold him there forever.
"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" Rebecca gasped breaking from their kiss, "What a man!
What a COCK! Fuck me baby! Oh shit! You fuck sooooo gooooood!"
"Not like your teeny tiny hubby, eh?" Kim said, seeming to lose that island sound
in his voice, "You know, the white guy you came her with, Mister needle dick in a minute
"I arrived her with that sissy, but I never came with him," Rebecca replied, as her
first orgasm leaped on her, "Oooooooo! Ooooooooo! Ooooooooooooooooooooooo!"
Kim covered her mouth with his to quiet her down as she wailed in the moment of
divine truth. Not ten minutes later the truth swamped over her again. Then again five
minutes later. After that she would crest from minute to minute having one orgasm after
another as Kim fucked her with a steady rhythm for close to an hour. Jason, standing
there with the best view in the house came twice without even touching himself, just from
watching that black cock methodically pumping in and out of his white wife's blond fleece covered pussy over and over maddeningly again. With his lovely Rebecca humping back like some cheap whore in a dark alley giving Christmas treats for a buck.
It was almost anticlimactic when Kim's dick started thrusting feverishly into
Rebecca, the man's tennis sized balls constricting as life stampeded through eleven inches
of black tube to splatter against Jason's wife's fertile womb, filling that white pussy with,
"Nigger baby making cream sauce (Kim's words)." The realization of which caused
Rebecca's brain to short out, and she suddenly collapsed rag like on their marriage bed,
now as limp as Jason's dick had been after taking her cherry.
Kim at last slowing down and halting his drilling operation took notice of Jason
behind him starring right were black cock ended and white pussy leaked. Watching the
husbands face of the woman he had just fucked into silence, Kim slowly pulled his prick
from Rebecca's cunt, making an obscene sucking sound as if pulling his arm out of a
greased pipe, resulting in a river of pinkish slime pouring out of her gaping hole.
"I see you liked the show sissy boy," Kim said, "now get down there and lick her
Jason didn't know what came over him, only that he quickly dived into the soupy
mixture tongue first, and was still gobbling gash when his wife revived ten minutes later.
"I see you've finally found something that your good at," Rebecca said, then
kicked him away from her making Jason sprawl akimbo to the carpeted floor, "but if your
going to eat me, then your going to have to get dressed up."

"I've been wearing women's clothing ever since," Jason/Jaime finished, taking the
last of the martini down with one gulp.
"Yes, I can see that, but when did you start growing tits?" I asked, "And what
about......well, you know......did she......"
"Turn me completely into a pussy with a pussy?" He finished for me, then looked
at the empty martini glass.
He would tell me, but it would cost me another drink, or two or three....

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