The Quick & Easy Guide to Interracial Cuckold's, Cuckoldry, and Cleaning Up!

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What Is A Cuckold and an Interracial Cuckold? top

The word "cuckold" originally comes from the practice of the cuckoo bird. The female cuckoo first mates with any available male. She then goes in search of an alpha-male, who in turn will mate with many other females. The female then returns to her mate, and the two of them raise any chicks which resulted from the females infidelity.

Traditionally, a human cuckold has been the object of scorn and derision. When it was discovered that a man's wife had found sexual fulfillment with another man, she was an adulteress and he was her cuckold. A quote from the middle-ages is he, "left with his tail between another man's legs."

The traditional dictionary defines a cuckold as: "a man with an unfaithful wife."

The urban dictionary defines a cuckold as follows: "A sexually inadequate husband who accepts his wife's pussy is her solely property and she alone decides which men she will fuck,even if it means denying her husband. His only access to her pussy is to clean it of the ejaculate of the black males she chooses to fuck."

In the context of modern alternative lifestyles, the cuckold occupies a position somewhere between the traditional definition and that of "swingers." The difference with the first definition is that today's interracial cuckold is both aware of his wife's "infidelity" with black men, and is sexually excited by it. The difference being that "swingers" are mutually involved, which is usally not the case with a interracial cuckold.

An interracial cuckold is thus, a man who stands by and accepts his wife's infidelity with, and becomes sexually excited by, her sexual relations with black men. The cuckold may have normal sexual relations with his wife, have his sexual role dimished to only part of the time, or he may accept that his wife has chosen the black man and his superior cock to replace him completely in the bed which was once solely his.

Why Would Someone Choose To Be Cuckolded? top


Being interracially cuckolded is a display of submissiveness, both to the wife and to the black lover, who usually knows about the cuckolded white male's role. Cuckolds often take pleasure in serving their wife and sometimes her black lover as well. If a white husband wishes to experience submission, preparing, then bringing breakfast in bed to his wife and her black lover would suffice. And if his desire to be dominated by his wife, having her command him to leave them alone so they could make love undisturbed would further the excitement! The knowledge his wife can do whatever she wants sexually, while he is restricted to only what she approves for him, is probably the ultimate in submission: she is in complete control of her body and also his small, white, inadequate genitalia.


Many swingers and modern alternative-lifestyle adherents draw the line at humiliation, and reject it with disgust. Yet these same people will accept s&m as understandable! Humiliation is simply mental s&m. Why would someone choose to be "disciplined," and find it to be sexually exciting? If you can understand that, you can understand the lure of humiliation as a sexual stimulus. And if a white man seeks to be humiliated, what could be more humiliating than seeing, or hearing, or learning of his wife choosing a large black man to bed? If the experience includes the wife acknowledging that her black lover is better endowed, or a better lover than her white husband, the humiliation is total and complete.


Yes, jealousy is a turn-on for interracial cuckolds. The cuckold has lost his wife's faithfulness, his wife's body (temporarily, if not permananently), his equality as a sexual partner, his dignity... and all these have been given to the black man! When an interracial cuckold begans to feel jealous, they often get very excited!


There are many opportunities in life to watch people having sex, at least in the virtual world. This is why home sex videos are so popular! But nothing can equal the real thing, livee and right in front of you... and so, inviting a black man into your bed to service your wife will undoubtedly give you a front-row seat.


Fear is a powerful aphrodisiac... one which is often confused by the brain as excitement.

What is there for the interracial cuckold to fear?

- Fear of his wife going "black only".

- Fear of being humiliated in front of his wife and her black lover or lovers, and being excited by the process.

- Fear his orgasms will be restricted or eliminated completely.

- Fear of being unable to every completely sexually satisfy his wife in the future.

- Fear of what the big black cock will do to her pussy.

- Fear the black man will impregnate his wife, possibily while he watches.

- Fear of others knowing.

- Fear of devoloping an attraction to the black cock himself .

- Fear he will be forced to wear panties and womens clothing, and enjoy it.

- Fear of the unknown.


The Unknown

Many interracial cuckolds acknowledge they are clueless as to why this turns them on. A common sentiment among interracial cuckolds is they would rather see their wives with a hung black stud then make love to the most beautiful woman on Earth themselves.

Many interracial cuckolds relate they had no idea this excited them, until their wife discussed a good looking black man, especially if the black man made a pass at her.


Why Would A Wife Choose To Cuckold Her Husband? top

While there are many women who simply cheat on their husbands, interracial cuckolding is a completely different phenomenon.

Many interracial cuckolds try for years and years to get their wife to have sex with a black man. Usually, the wife opposes this, for several reasons. First, it goes against everything promised in the marriage vows, and she cannot believe that it will do anything but ruin her marriage. Second, it is often threatening to the wife, as she assumes it is a pretext for the husband to have sex with other women, i.e. swinging. Third, many wives, especially those over 40 and with children, worry that no other man will find them attractive, and they do not want to set themselves up for a disappointment. Finally, if they have had little contact with black men in their lives they are often apprehensive in general.

So why are so many white wives saying yes to interracial cuckoldry today? Many do it simply because their white husbands are not satisfactory lovers. But many begin in an attempt to satisfy their husband's burning desire to just to try it. Also, if they had few sexual experiences before marriage, they may be curious as to what else is out there sexually.

Once the wife begins to see black men, another stage is reached. And often, not an easy one, now to cuckold her husband whom she loves. It is hard for her to believe whenher husband tells her he wants her to enjoy sex with her black lovers more than with him, he could really mean it. Usually, this part begins very slowly, as the wife hesitatingly relates the pleasurable details of her interracial tryst to her husband. When she notices how excited he becomes during these recitations, her desire to be with black men increases. When her hung black lover is pounding her in her marital bed with her husband nearby watching, and she notices his small white penis is erect, she will be hooked!

A common phrase the white wife will use is: "I can have my cake and eat it, too." What could be bad for a woman who realizes that her husband will do everything he can to make sure she has great sex with her black lovers, and will welcome her home (often to a completely cleaned house ) when she is done!

And, back to the wife's initial worry that no other man could possibly find her attractive: imagine her surprise and delight when the nice looking, intelligent black man she meets is very turned on! Seeing him hard, especially when he packs two or three times the bock by volume as her husband, feeling him get excited as she undresses, as she touches him, as he touches her... takes her back to her youth, but with an adult's understanding of what sex is all about. This does absolute wonders for a woman's ego!

What Is The Difference Between A Interracial Cuckold And A Man With A "Hot Wife"? top

Though you could certainly describe the cuckolder as a "hot wife," the difference, is in the original dictionary definition, "a man with an unfaithful wife." A woman crosses over the line into "unfaithful" not when she has sex with another man with her husband's consent, but when she prefers sex with her black lovers to sex with her white husband -- and admits such to him candidly.

Major Cuckold Themes top

"His black cock is bigger than yours"

The average male is just that, average. Few women marry a man because of the size of his penis, but secretly women admit to wanting to be "filled completely." So the female goes searching, or her cuckolded hubby searches for her) for a man who can measure up. Some women find a large black penis to be painful or uncomfortable, but if she finds the experience to be fulfilling , hubby must recognize that there is no way he can compete with what her black lover has given her. In our society, in which "bigger is better," it is truly humiliating for a white man to see less between his own legs than he sees dangling from black man between his wife's legs! Conversations with her black lover, in which he tells the husband how good his wife feels "deep inside," and then laughs at the fact that hubby can never, ever know what that feels like. The black men is reaching parts of her body, perhaps her soul which the white husband has no hope of ever reaching.

"He's better than you"

Why would the wife want this? After years of marriage, and is all too common and monotonous and unsatisfying sex life, to learn that sex is more fun and fulfilling than you ever dreamt! And for cuck-boy, the embarrassment is greater still if her black lover is not only larger then he is when erect, but also declared to be better.


"Don't Touch Me Wimp"

A major difference between a Hot Wife and a cuckolding wife, is the husband will often fuck his hot wife before she goes out for a "date." Interracial cuckolds hardly ever get to touch their wives before a "black date," unless it is to bathe her, dress her or apply her makeup! He is preparing her to be with the superior black male.

In more extreme cases, where the wife has replaced her husband with another black man (or men) on a permanent basis, her body may simply be off limits to him at all times. In these cases, the occasional glimpse of a breast or pubic hair can trigger spontaneous orgasm in the white boi!

"Clean Up the House While I'm Gone"

If the husband acknowledges his sexual inferiority, he may feel compelled to try to make it up to his wife in any way possible. Therefore, he may become the most obedient husband! Hubby gets off on his own sexual failings; therefore, cleaning the house only serves to remind him that he's doing this because he's not very good in bed. This may be one of the few times you see a man vacuuming with an erection and while wearing a French maid's outfit.

"I Want to Have His Black Baby"

Most of the interracial cuckold stories in which the hung black lover impregnates the white wife are fictional. But certainly, if you want to feel that you have "lost" your wife to a better man, having a black man impregnate would be the ulitmate! Or perhaps that is reserved for when your wife actually begs the black man to breed her.

Watching Or Waiting? top

There is a heated debate about which is more erotic: watching your white wife in bed with a black man, or waiting at home while she goes on a date or a vacation with him. Generally, the cuckold has little say in this; his wife will probably be more comfortable with one than the other, and that is what she will choose.

Seeing sex happen in front of you, and realizing - over and over again - that the woman you see in the throes of passion is your wife, is breathtaking. Even when you engage in sex, you don't get to witness it; seeing a black man's penis slide in and out of a pink vagina is stimulating enough, but when it is your own white wife's vagina, it is overwhelming. And watching (and hearing) her orgasms can be mind-blowing.

On the other hand, the mind is the most powerful sex organ, and there is much to be said for the interracial cuckold who sits at home and masturbates, wondering what his white wife and her black lover are doing just now, and now, and NOW! It is not uncommon for an interracial cuckold to jerk-off a dozen times during the five or six hours his wife is gone on her "black date". Unless of course he has been ordered not to touch his little wee-wee.

Cream Pies and Clean Up Duty top

Every true interracial cuckold has one most intense desire, even surpising his wife having a black baby...and that is the cream pie clean up. Whether it is submission or humiliation, licking a black man's semen from your wife's pussy is the single most popular fantasy. This is because its a combination of every male taboo:

- Men aren't supposed to eat cum (hetero men aren't...) and especially not the semen of a black man

- Men are supposed to guard their wives' chastity/purity with their lives.

- Ejaculating in a woman is a strong symbol of possession, and seeing a black man's semen in your wife's most private, intimate place is a clear sign that you are not the sole (or even primary) male in her sex life.

- If there is any single thing that "proves" that your wife was unfaithful, it is the sight of a large load of a black man's semen dripping from her vagina, when you know you didn't put it there.

- The only way for that semen to get in your wife was for her to bring the black man to orgasm. A creampie says, "I am his bitch and you are my bitch."

- A black man's semen does not taste good; it is strong and full of the pheremones of the Alpha-male. If you become accustomed, it does not taste terrible. Licking it up - especially if it is in the large amounts consistent with the size of the typical black man's testicle size- is very, very difficult, and emphasizes the humiliating nature of what your wife is doing to you. A thorough cleaning of your wife after black use can take quit some time.

- If you have to do your clean-up duty in front of the black lover, while your wife is holding and kissing him, you will have your "place" made perfectly clear to all involved - especially if the two of them laugh at your difficulty swallowing all of his ejaculate! Would you be able to answer in that situation if your wife stopped you and asked you how you liked the taste? What if the black lover asked the question?

For all these reasons, most interracial cuckolds find creampies to be among their most powerful fantasies and most erotic experiences.


A Note About "Slut Wives" top

There are those men who want their wives to be "sluts"; to sleep around with as many black men as possible, to be indiscriminate, etc. This may be an extension of candaulism. The exact percentage of this isn't know, but it is present in the blacksexing community, although the "Hot Wife" outnumbers them.

Great Quotes From Interracial Cuckolds top

"Being an interracial cuckold doesn't sound like something most white men would be proud of, but based on the number of website which deal with the subject, the number must be high, maybe in the millions.

"It is sometimes difficult for [my husband] when he has had to be sociable with a black man he knows is fucking me on a regular basis."

"There is nothing like the sounds my wife makes when she is in bed with her black lover."

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